Make a difference… get involved in your community.

As a student at Kenyon, you’re a part of a community much greater than the College. You’re a valuable part of Gambier, the Knox County community, and our greater world. Connecting to your community through volunteer work can make a huge impact on you and your world.

You can make a difference in local lives in a host of ways, from tutoring in the local elementary school to joining a monthly Service Saturday; from volunteering at the local animal shelter, to blazing a nature trail.


Community Partners:

Do you want something posted on our website? Have an event to share? Seeking an eager group of student volunteers?


Want to share an event that your group is sponsoring? Have an idea for service in the community? Need transportation for a service-related activity?

  • Add an event to our Community Service Events calendar
  • Submit a request for volunteers
  • Keep us updated on your service organization’s activities
  • Give us feedback

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