Associate Degree in Education encourages a change in teaching approaches and learning ways from an overly-reliance teacher-centered to learner-centered to encourage the development of skills and dispositions.  This also involves a change in the way the prospective teachers will continuously be done during the semester.  The creativity in new program is based on National Professional Standards for Teachers in Pakistan quality of delivery as described by NPSTP 2009.


The Associate Degree in Education (ADE) Focuses on contemporary pedagogical techniques, adequate knowledge of subject matter, and development of effective instructional, teaching communication, creative and critical thinking skills.


The objectives of the ADE Program are:

  • Equip teachers with knowledge, skills and dispositions as required by the National Professional Standards for Teachers in Pakistan (NPSTP), to become an elementary school teacher.
  • Offer students a teacher education program that allows them to move seamlessly through a four year B.Ed, first by completing the ADE in the first two years and by completing the remaining two years of the program immediately, or at a later date.



  • ADE leading to B.Ed (Hons.) Elementary is a transitional two-year program of 64-68 credit hours and is composed of four semesters of 16-18 weeks each.

The scheme of studies emphasizes on teaching practice of longer duration, Fifteen credit hours are exclusively included to promote practicum and practical work in the new program besides the teaching practice within each course.





  1. No.
Courses Cr.Hr.
1. Functional English-I (Compulsory) 3
2. Islamic Studies/ Ethics (Compulsory) 2
3. Child Development (Foundation) 3
4. Urdu/ Sindhi (Content) 3
5. General Science (Content) 3
6. General Method of Teaching (Foundation) 3
  Total Credit Hours 17



  1. No.
Courses Cr.Hr.
1. English-II (Communication Skills) Compulsory 3
2. Computer Literacy (Compulsory) 3
3. Classroom Management (Foundation) 3
4. General Mathematics (Compulsory) 3
5. Pakistan Studies (Compulsory) 2
6. Method of Teaching Islamic Studies (Professional) 3
Total Credit Hours 17



  1. No.
Courses Cr.Hr.
1. Teaching Literacy Skills (Professional) 3
2. Art, Craft and Calligraphy (Content) 2
3. Teaching of Urdu/ Sindhi (Professional) 3
4. Teaching of G. Science (Professional) 3
5. Instructional and Communication Technology (ICT) in Education (Professional) 2
6. Teaching Practice (Short Term) 3
Total Credit Hours 17




  1. No.
Courses Cr.Hr.
1. Classroom Assessment (Foundation) 3
2. Teaching of English (Professional) 2
3. Teaching of Mathematics (Professional) 3
4. School, Community and Teacher (Foundation) 2+1
5. Teaching of Social Studies (Professional) 2
6. Teaching Practice 3
Total Credit Hours 17



Courses Credit Hours
ADE B.Ed. (Hons)
Compulsory Courses 16 19
Professional Courses 21 51
Foundation Courses 15 24
Content Course 9 26
Teaching Practice 6 15
Total Credit Hours 67 135



The evaluation of each subject will be done semester wise, internally and externally both.  The external evaluation will be done by the affiliating universities.  The affiliating universities can make amendments in the content of the subject i.e., add some more topic(s) and make deletion as and when necessary and may alter the weightage of evaluation.  The internal evaluation will be done by the faculty of the TEIs itself, it may comprise of :

  • Test (objective and/or subjective)
  • Presentation Skills
  • Instructional Material Development
  • Group/individual project work
  • Research based assignment
  • Undertaking structured visits/conducting interviews and developing their reports.
  • Social and Behavioral skills.



  1. Fee Structure of ADE Program per Semester (To be paid by students before the start of each semester)
S.No. Nature of Dues Boarder Non-Boarder
1 Tuition Fee Rs. 200 Rs. 200
2. Admission Fee Res. 100 Rs. 100
3. Hostel Room Rent Rs. 200
4. Sub Total (A) Rs. 500 Rs. 300


  1. College – Hostel dues/ semester
S.No. Nature of Dues Boarder Non-Boarder
1. Library Fund Rs. 200 Rs. 200
2. College Development Fund Rs. 200 Rs. 200
3. Hostel Maintenance Fund Rs. 600
4. Computer Fund & Internet Charges Rs. 1000 Rs. 1000
5. Science Lab Fund Rs. 200 Rs. 200
6. Sports Rs. 100 Rs. 100
7. Student Welfare Fund Rs. 300 Rs. 300
8. College Magazine Charges Rs. 200 Rs. 200
9. Library/ Security (Refundable) Rs. 200 Rs. 200
10. Hostel Security (Refundable) Rs. 500 Rs. —
Sub Total (B) Rs. 3500 Rs. 2400
Grand Total (A+B) Rs. 4000 Rs. 2700