GPA System

Grade Point Average (G.P.A)

It is an expression for the average performance of the student in the courses he has offered during one or two semesters or at the end of the entire course.

G.P.A.=      Sum of all the Quality Points earned

Sum of the Credit Hours of all the courses offered

Calculation : Example

Course #       Credit Hrs.         Score     Grade Grade Point/CH  CGP

ENGL 101     3                           68%        B           3.4                         10.2

ARAB 101      3                           57%        C           2.7                         08.1

ZOOL 101     3+1=4                 45%        D           1.5                         06.0

COMP 101    2+1=3                 80%        A           4.0                         12.0

BOTN 101     3+1=4                 50%        C           2.0                         08.0       Total       17                                                           44.3

Multiply Grade Point with the Credit Hourse in each course, add up the cumulative Grade Points and divide by the Total Number of credit hours to get the G.P.A. per Semester. In the above example the G.P.A. is 44.3 divided by 17= 2.61

  1. G.P.A. 2 or above is to be scored for successful completion of the courses offered in one or two semester or at the end of the entire program.
  2. G.P.A. 1.75 but < 2 on the other hand qualifies for promotion from 2nd to 3rd or 4th to 5th although failing or having scored ‘D’ grade in some or all courses.
  3. With G.P.A. less than 1.75 a student does not qualify for promotion to next higher semester.


Student C 300     2          A               08            Total Q.P.=- 22

310     2          D               02            Total C.H.= 10

320     2          F               00

330     3          A               12            G.P.A. 22=2.2


This student fails in two courses 320 and 335 but still has G.P.A. above 1.75 and can be promoted to next higher semester. He will have to reappear in courses in which he failed or got ‘D’ grade, to earn the passing grade and improve his G.P.A.